Breaking News: North Texas Mother Wants Closure After Daughter Found Dead in Trunk After Highspeed Chase

According to reports, JacQuisha’s body was discovered in the trunk of the car involved in a Sunday morning pursuit that started in Forney.

Deputies say the driver they arrested, 33-year-old Freddy Gilbert of New Orleans, told them about the body but did not explain how it got there.

The mother, Lolita Issac says last she heard was that her daughter, JacQuisha Isaac, was staying with friends. But on Sunday, police found the teen’s body in the trunk of a car after the driver led police on a high-speed chase.

As far as answers as to why this happened to her daughter, Lolita is still searching for those.

She questioned everything, why did they target her daughter, did she witness something, how long had she been in the car, where was he going to take her body and that’s just a few of the questions Lolita wanted answered to get the closure she needed.

Lolita says,

“This is all the questions that I need to know so that I can get closure. I need closure!”

According to reports, no injuries were reported during the high-speed chase.

Police say Gilbert had cocaine and marijuana on him when he was arrested. Also according to a source close to investigation, there was a bullet hole in the passenger side of Gilbert’s car.


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