Celebri-Tea: Nicki Minaj’s Mother Testifies In Brother’s Rape Trial


Nicki Minaj’s Mother testifies in Brother’s rape trial saying he has a major drinking problem.

Nicki Minaj’s mother, Carol Maraj, testified this Thursday in her son Jelani Maraj’s rape trial.

Jelani has been accused of raping his stepdaughter, who was 11-years-old at the time and according to reports her brother earlier testified stating he walked in on his stepfather on top of his sister.

Maraj’s family insists that the accusations are false and that his ex-wife, Jacqueline Robinson is just trying to extort the family for $25 million.


The night that Maraj was arrested, his mother Carole wrote in a text message to his ex-wife,

“You guys set my child up”

Carole also stated that she didn’t remember sending the text message, but later she owned up to sending the text message.

According to reports, Carole stated earlier that day, after the arrest, Jacqueline gave her ride to the courthouse for Jelani’s arraignment and as they were getting out of the car, Carole just remembered Jacqueline saying,

“It’s going to take a lot of money to get out of this one.”

Carole also testified that she knew her son had a drinking problem unsure if that was the problem during the alleged rape but she knew he had a drinking problem.

According to sources, Maraj’s sister Minaj has yet to testify in his trial and there’s no sure information that she will.

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