Zodiac Guru: Questions Each Sign Should Answer


Aries – How easy is it so easy for you to make friends although you don’t like people?

Taurus- Why do you isolate yourself but expect to find someone that understands you?

Gemini- Will you ever stop searching for an adventure and playing games?

Cancer- Why are you so hard on yourself and overly emotional?

Leo- How do you remain so positive even in the most unfortunate situations? How do you remain so loyal even after being played with numerous of times?

Virgo- Why are you so quiet? Why when you get in relationships you play games and question everything?

Libra- Why is your symbol a balance scale but you need to find someone who balances you out in relationships?

Scorpio- Why are you infatuated with power? 

Sagittarius- Why are you afraid of commitment?

Capricorn- Do you ever think about anything else outside of just working and being a hard worker?

Aquarius- Why are you so emotionally detached? Why does it take a mastermind to figure you out?

Pisces- How do you fool others into thinking they know so much about you but they only know a portion? Also, why do you lie so much?

Comment with your answer and once you answer share this with your friends to find out their answers!!!

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