Did Joseline Hernandez Really Diss Cardi B?

We aren’t sure if you guys know a shade tree when you see one but we definitely know a shade tree when we see one!

It seems like there’s jealous in paradise, The Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez is clearly upset at Cardi B’s success and has a few things to say.

Her child’s father, Stevie J called her out on it months ago via social media and she denied allegations of her being jealous of the former LHHNY reality star, Cardi B.

Stevie J says live on video,

“Apparently, since Cardi B winning, Joseline won’t let me see the baby…see you in court.”

See The Video Below

Let’s fast forward to now…. So, Joseline, posted on her Instagram a few days ago that she was dropping a new record called “Hate Me Now”.

Pretty catchy title huh? Well, she forgot to mention that she was aiming for a certain hot new artist that’s killing the game… Yeah, she’s talking about Cardi B!

In her diss track she raps, 

“Drag a Bronx b***h yea I said it…bloody my a**….you holler blood who the hell cosigned this h**”.


Listen to the snippet below

Baristas, what do y’all think? 🤔


With only 48 seconds I’m going with “don’t quit your day job”!!!!

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