Ohio – Three Pastors Indicted For Trafficking Young Girls For Sex [SICK]


According to reports, prosecutors say all three men worked together to entice underage girls with money in exchange for sex.

Federal grand jury in Toledo, Ohio has indicted Rev. Cordel Jenkins, Rev. Anthony Haynes, and Rev. Kenneth Butler on conspiracy to sex traffic of underage girls.

On Tuesday, November 14, the three men plead not guilty to the allegations.

3 american pastors arrested by fbi

According to The US Attorney’s Office, Haynes began grooming a 14-year old girl for prostitution back in 2014. Prosecutors stated that Haynes introduced her to other men and all three pastors sexually assaulted the young girl. Some of the abuse is said to have taken place at hotels and also at Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo, where Mr. Haynes was currently a pastor and used his telephone to record the sexual acts, prosecutors said.

Jenkins and Haynes were previously indicted on child sex trafficking charges back in July

The three men will remain in custody until their next hearing, scheduled for January.

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