Garland Texas Man Killed In Car Crash Fleeing Police & Aunt Expresses Herself “Don’t Tell Me Racism Don’t Exist”

Hilari Styles vents via social media Thursday afternoon about her nephew’s death.

Wednesday her family confirmed that the 22-year-old that was killed in a car crash fleeing authorities was her nephew. Although the media and news are making him out to be the bad guy she delivers a post on Facebook to challenge people’s mind to view things in a different way.

I have struggled all night and all day to find the words to say. On yesterday we confirmed that the 22 year old young man in Garland who was killed in the car crash fleeing the police was my nephew. I have read numerous stories that have done everything possible to demonize him and make him into a monster. The truth is he was a 22 year old kid who was afraid of consequences.

I’m sure you read the police report and of course I can’t convince you that the news is often biased and fake but I will say that he wasn’t anything like that story! I’m livid and I can’t even comprehend much right now. Pray for my family and my nephews legacy. There was so much wrong with the way this went down.

We learned that when the Garland police arrived on the scene even though he had been ejected from the car, they demanded that he turn over, after he was none responsive they forcefully flipped him over and handcuffed him. The witness made eye contact with my nephew and said that she saw his life leave his body. As he lay there dead or dying a fireman arrived on the scene and based on further detail decided that he would kick him to see if he was alive.

Don’t fucking tell me how to feel about racism police and white supremacy because I have real shit popping in my life daily that would make most of you slit your wrists! I fight not only for myself but for the voiceless and disenfranchised people who you don’t include or think about in your “blackingham palace” rants!

I can’t express to you how painful it is to experience a loss of this magnitude but what I will say is that my nephew will not die in vain.


She also included the pictures of him below

Sending our condolences to the young man’s family in their time of need!

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3 thoughts on “Garland Texas Man Killed In Car Crash Fleeing Police & Aunt Expresses Herself “Don’t Tell Me Racism Don’t Exist”

  1. Minnie says:

    So wrong for this shit its crazy how they want you to call the authorities hell I’ll be scared to even call them. This is beyond disrespectful.


  2. Bri says:

    Story sent chills thru me cause these bulshit ass laws do b disrespectful and all kind of ways cause they feel they have the authority to do so smh I’m sorry for Kendall lost cause i went to high school with him n he was a very cool dude …. Justice for you kendall and the officers goofy ugly tight suit wearing bitches need to control they FUCKING self fat fluid neck bitches 😔😔😔😔😔


  3. John Doe says:

    I understand Where you coming from, but we all make our own choices in life. All this wouldn’t happen if he would of just stopped the car instead of pursuing a chase. He made that decision to run from consequences because he was scared. A man suppose to man up to his consequences, don’t blame your nephew, don’t blame the law enforcement, and don’t blame the firman. Blame the devil in him that made him do it. I’m a black male myself and I have been pulled over by Garland police multiple times where they should put me in jail over 6 warrants. But all about how you respect even if you they don’t respect you. Let God handle it


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