Xscape Hires Vincent Herbert To Manage Them, Drops 2 New Singles Without Kandi Buruss

The hit 90’s girl group, Xscape shocked fans when they announced that they would be reuniting and going back on tour.

Well, it looks like they are making money moves and hiring “one of the best to ever do it” to manage their music.

The girls revealed last month that they’d be releasing music without Kandi Buruss and while Mona-Scott Young will be managing their TV and film production she will no longer manage their music.

HipHollywood reports that the now trio group has hired Vincent Herbert to manage their music going forward.

Herbert also manages Remy Ma as well.

Tiny tells the site how excited she is to work with her new manager,

We sat down with him, had some food and just talked, like how most business takes place, he just got our vision and he saw the potential in us.

We love what he did with Tamar and Lady Gaga and we also knew he understood the business. We’re really excited.”

That’s great news but how do y’all think they sound as a trio (LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott and Tameka “Tiny” Harris) Baristas? 🤔

Check Out Their Music Below<<<<

So, what are your thoughts about the trio 💭 with or without Kandi Buruss ?Follow Us: Twitter: WIYC |Facebook: What’s In Your Cup|Instagram: WIYC|


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