Floyd Mayweather Suing Ex Shantel Jackson For Allegedly Stealing Money From Him

Floyd Mayweather is currently suing ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson for her come up scheme.

According to the lawsuit he just filed against her, Jackson used his credit cards and helped herself to piles of his cash.

The lawsuit comes just days before her domestic violence lawsuit against the boxer is due to get a trial date.

Things aren’t just starting to get nasty they’ve been nasty he’s just adding to it. Back In 2014, Jackson accused Mayweather of physical abuse. She alleged that he pointed a gun at her head, choked her during an argument and posted a sonogram photo on social media, publicly accusing her of aborting their twins.

Photo Cred: NY Daily

Mayweather claims, Jackson would praise him in public when he got bad press just to gain his confidence to use him.

Mayweather also claims Jackson knew specific details especially about his spending habits, credit card accounts and where he kept the loose cash.

His lawyer commented,

As a result of that confidence Mayweather, whose education ended at eighth grade, did not audit or otherwise inspect his cash or his card statements for theft by Jackson. 


Reportedly, the only reason Mayweather found out was when a mutual friend told him that Shantel was bragging about her alleged exploits.

Mayweather wants triple the damages. Shantel has had her lawsuit against Mayweather for quite some time.

 If you think things have been ugly they’ve just got uglier!

Hmmm… we wonder how Jackson’s boyfriend/rapper Nelly feels about this? Well, we will fill your cup up with more tea as it brews.

| Photo Credits: NY Daily + Hollywood Life |

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