Teenage Girl Brags About F***ing For iPhone 6 (WOW)

A social media user known as Harriette Danso ( not sure if that’s her real name ) has recently taken some serious backlash from Facebook friends and total strangers.

Wanna know how to go viral on social media? From the looks of it all, you have to do is post some off the wall crap that no one will ever say or maybe that someone else is thinking but afraid to post.

Danso says ” her so-so good she shouldn’t have to f— for free ” but maybe an iPhone 6 will do.

The young girl looks about 16 or 17 but there was no shame in her game when she made the post on Facebook admitting that she f—-ed for an iPhone 6.

The post went viral and ended up getting back to her older brother, who made her delete the post from social media.

She’s not the first to admit to doing something strange for the pricey Apple devices and We’re sure she won’t be the last either.

She’s just one of the brave ones to admit but on social media though. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Check her post below(photo)Baristas, what are your thoughts? Do you blame the parents? 🤔

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