Patti Labelle Explains Why Luther Vandross Never Admitted He Was Gay

Patti Labelle recently opened up about her late friend, Luther Vandross’ closeted sexuality during an interview Tuesday night on “Watch What Happens Live.”

For years people speculated that the legendary singer was homosexual but no one actually knew because he never admitted anything.


Host Andy Cohen asked 73-year-old Labelle, “Did he struggle with the idea of coming out publicly? Was that something that you talked about at all?” Without any hesitation to answer the question Labelle says,

” We talked about it. Basically he did not want his mother to be- although she might have known, but he wasn’t going to come out and say this to the world. And he had a lot of lady friends and he just didn’t want to upset the world.


She goes on to explain how wonderful of a man he was and how hard addressing his sexuality with everyone would have been.

Luther Vandross died in 2005 at the age of 54. According to a family statement, he “never really recovered” from a stroke he suffered in 2003.

Baristas, what are your thoughts on Patti Labelle’s comments on Luther Vandross’ sexuality? Should she have skipped the question since she was his friend and that’s apart of his private life? 🤔


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