Woman Taken Into Custody After She Threatens To Kill Southwest Passengers During A Flight

A woman was taken into custody Saturday for getting caught smoking on an airplane and in the midst of her madness threatening to kill everyone on the plane.

via KPTV,

Scary moments on-board a Southwest Airlines flight from Portland to Sacramento Saturday.

Video taken by another passenger and shared with FOX 12 shows an irate passenger threatening to “kill everyone on the plane.” 

The airline says the woman was caught smoking in the bathroom and the crew noticed the smoke detector had been tampered with. Witnesses say the flight attendants had to force their way into the bathroom and removed her. They say she then became “uncontrollable.” 

At one point, according to another passenger, she started pushing the flight attendants and tried to get to the front of the plane. Several passengers and flight attendants then restrained her. Southwest Airlines says the pilots declared an emergency for priority air traffic control. 

The flight had 136 passengers and five crew members. 

Police met the plane when it landed in Sacramento and took the woman into custody, Southwest  Airlines said in written statement “that safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority.”

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