Girl asks her Uber driver to film her suicide [Video]

A very disturbing video goes viral of a young woman who committed suicide while her Uber-taxi driver films it.

18-year-old, Nittaya Sawatdiwan jumped off the Rama 8 bridge and into the Chao Pharaya river in Thailand.

Sawatdiwan took a taxi to the bridge and then in turn asked her driver to livestream her suicide and guess what? He did it!

It has been reported that the taxi driver may have been from Uber or another ride sharing service.

The video has now gone viral and millions of viewers are criticizing the driver for not doing anything to stop the young woman from falling to hear death.

The driver, Pattharadanai Noomarinart told authorities that Sawatdiwan was crying, drinking and very upset complaining about her boyfriend before she told him to take her to the bridge.

Noomarinart also told authorities Sawatdiwan paid him extra money to stay with her and shoot the video clip. He was questioned by authorities but not charged.

Noomarinart stated he didn’t stop her from jumping into the river because he did not know she would kill herself .

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