The Woman Who Rapper, Da Brat Hit With A Liquor Bottle Is After More Money

Just to catch our Baristas up to speed with the story.

Back in 2007, Shayla Stevens accused Da Brat of violently attacking her inside an Atlanta nightclub. She alleged that Da Brat hit her in the face with a liquor bottle. Two years after the incident, Shayla filed a lawsuit, while the rapper was in jail serving a 3-year sentence over the incident.

What’s In Your Cup exclusively reports, Shayla has filed suit against Da Brat, in which she is seeking garnishes from the rappers radio paycheck with Reach Media Inc. Da Brat is a radio co host on the popular syndicated show.

Shayla is seeking to garnish her wages in an attempt to collect the $6.4 million owed from the lawsuit she won back in 2014.

In the lawsuit, she claimed she suffered permanent facial scarring, mental pain and neurological impairment. The case went to trial in 2014. A jury found the rapper liable for Stevens’ injuries and awarded the plaintiff $3.7 million to cover her injuries and past/future loss of earnings and an additional $2.7 million as punishment against Da Brat’s actions for a grand total of $6.4 million.

Well, That’s Teaaaaa!!! ☕️

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