About Us

What’s In Your Cup (based out of Dallas, Texas) was created to give individuals a voice! We are the voice of the people and provide you a different way of thinking. You NEVER know what’s in your cup and you never know what you may have to pour out of your cup. We are here to provide you with your latest and greatest TEA, lemonade, coffee, hot cocoa whatever your drink preference may be also with a little more sauce that will become an acquired taste! Here we have on the drink menu CELEBRI-TEA gossip, HOT NEW MUSIC, ZODIAC specialties, Small business directory and more. We provide the tea and some! What’s in your cup? Come take a sip!

Ever thought about blogging (guest blogging]

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Email us @ bossandgossip@gmail.com or contact our owner BossLady on twitter @BossLadyShante or send us a text message at 972-767-9447


  • Minimum of 250 words
  • 1 blog post a day ( to be a guest blogger )
  • 1 post a week / 2 posts a month ( featured blogger )
  • 3-4 posts a day ( full-time/ around the clock blogger )
  • We need opinionated individuals
  • Have a passion for fashion, makeup/beauty, health, celebrity gossip, love to travel, writing about real life issues and more