Terrytown, La – Louisiana Mother Throws Infant At Her Child’s Father During Heated Argument

A Louisiana Mother has been arrested for allegedly throwing her infant child at her child’s father during a heated argument.

Thursday night, 24-year-old, Heidi Rios of Terrytown, Louisiana allegedly threw her 3 week old son at her child’s father while they were arguing.

The man took the infant to a New Orleans hospital where they found out that the infant’s skull was fractured. Doctors immediately contacted authorities to notify them of the abuse and Rios was arrested the next day and charge with cruelty to a child.

Rios immediately denied all accusations about her throwing or holding the infant during the argument but later told officials she might of dropped the infant during the argument on accident.

According to legal documents, the doctor’s have recorded the infants injuries are non-life threatening.

She is being held on an unspecified amount of bail. Rios does not have a lawyer and has yet to enter a plea to the charge against her.

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