Congratulations 🎉 Kevin Hart & Wife Eniko Welcome Baby Boy ‘Kenzo’

Congratulations to actor/comedian Kevin Hart and wife Eniko as they welcome into this world their baby boy Kenzo.

Kevin and Eniko announced their pregnancy this past Mother’s Day and revealed the boy’s name in September during their baby shower.

Kevin announced the news via Twitter(pictured below)


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LHHATL Reality Stars: Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Ordered By Family Court To Take A Drug Test

A Georgia family court judge ordered the reality pair to take a drug test following Bonnie Bella’s disappearance.

Stevie J, Joseline and baby Bonnie were all in court Tuesday, October 3rd for a hearing on Bonnie’s whereabouts after the couple’s court monitor said she hadn’t seen her in weeks.

The couples court monitor(expert) was hired to monitor the reality show exes parenting skills. The expert requested a welfare check several times within the last month but Joseline ignored her. The pair may have violated court orders, says the expert after speaking with Joseline’s lawyer, Bonnie Bella may be in Florida with her nanny.

In a court order, Judge Jane Barwick emphasized that the baby is not allowed to leave the state of Georgia, except for a vacation of two weeks or less, and the court monitor has to know the baby’s whereabouts at all times. The judge also ordered the reality show exes to be complete a 12-Panel Drug Screen and a PEth test by 5 p.m. today. If they are in fact using drugs, the public will never know, because the judge ordered the results to be put under seal.

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