She Stole My Look: Who Wore It Better


Who wore it best? Nicki Minaj or Keyshia Ka’oir Davis?

What do y’all think Baristas? 

Leave your opinion in the comments….

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Working Woman Wednesday Feat Business Owner Ava Victoria 👑

This weeks #WWW (WorkingWomanWednesday) is an amazing Woman! Yes, you heard it right she’s amazing! Ava Victoria is not only a model but a business owner with her own online store and the story behind her business is amazing. Keep reading as we give you the tea on Ms.Ava Victoria! We hope you have your cup ready.

“ Hello, I am Ava Victoria The Model also the owner of the store J’Dior Royalties. We provide the latest exclusive trends in shoes, handbags, and accessories. Soon we will be launching our J’Dior Men as well J’Dior Kids. I’ve been open almost 2 years now and my store is online based at this current moment. My store is inspired by a friend who passed due to suicide the J in the store actually stands for her name. We spread the word in #Suicide awareness, which is at an all-time high and very common nowadays. The store is a way to keep her story and memory live while bringing everything her and myself enjoyed together.”

Ava gave WIYC an exclusive look at some items that will be dropping later. 

Take a look below 

Contact Info

  • Website: JDior 
  • Facebook: @Shopjdior 
  • Instagram: J’DiorRoyalties 


What’s in your cup would like to applaud Ava Victoria for being a hard working woman and acknowledge her on this Wednesday! Continue to be the best at what you do and spread awareness about suicide with your business which we think is amazing.

 – Do you know someone just as hard working as Ava Victoria, getting their life in order, just an all around woman that deserves recognition email us @ or message BossLady on twitter @BossLadyShante; please include pictures, social media info ( twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc ) and a short paragraph on why you feel as if the lady you’ve chosen should be picked. 

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