You Have Those That Wanna Be Like Beyoncé And Then You Have Her @sur__b Who Actually Looks Like Beyoncé [PHOTOS]

Brittany Williams (@sur__b ) has been catching hell and high water on social media from some of the Beyhive saying she stole the Queen B’s face.

Beyoncé can’t be the only flawless QUEEN or can she?

A 20-something-year-old woman living in Detroit told BET

“I actually don’t think we resemble. She is a beautiful woman and so am I. But at the end of the day, God created her to be her and me to be me, and I love being me!” she insists. “


Seeing that she has some resemblance to Beyoncé you would assume that Beyoncé might be her idol but Brittany says differently. Brittany told BET her idol growing up was none other than the late, Aaliyah. How ironic huh?

Her name is Brittany, she resembles Beyoncé but her idol was Beyoncé’s lowkey rival, Aaliyah… Hmm 🤔

You would think being compared to Beyoncé would be any woman’s dream but it’s become Brittany’s reality and nightmare. Imagine taking major backlash for being yourself and getting dragged by millions of Yonce’ fans saying your enhancing your make up and weave to look like Bey and earning the title “$1 Menu Beyonce”, doesn’t sound so pleasing huh?

Brittany just wants the world to know she doesn’t want to be Beyoncé she wants to be none other than herself which is BRITTANY!

Check out the video below of Brittany singing 🎤

To sing or not to sing? Baristas, you be the judge 👩🏽‍⚖️


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Poetry: Hotline Bling

” A Poem About AIDS Awareness “

– Hotline Bling 😷🎆☎😈

Let’s talk about hotline bling and speak on diseases hey pretty girl be careful who you sleep with. Because you don’t want your hotline to bling because you have an STD or you don’t want your hotline to bling because your man can’t keep his dick where it needs to be. You don’t want your hotline to bling because you have herpes or get a call from the doctor saying you’re positive baby girl you have HIV. Why are we giving our hotline to men that we know are creeping then be surprised that he’s cheating and our hotline won’t stop blinging. And then we get mad at other women but can control our men but of course we get mad when that hotline bling again. So he’s gave you a disease before so you know about that hotline bling but you still sleep with him so you know what that means you’re comfortable with the hotline bling. I’m only writing this to say if you don’t want your hotline to bling you’ll make him wrap it up and even twice to be safe.

Written by: BossLady” Owner of What’s In Your Cup “


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Garland Texas Man Killed In Car Crash Fleeing Police & Aunt Expresses Herself “Don’t Tell Me Racism Don’t Exist”

Hilari Styles vents via social media Thursday afternoon about her nephew’s death.

Wednesday her family confirmed that the 22-year-old that was killed in a car crash fleeing authorities was her nephew. Although the media and news are making him out to be the bad guy she delivers a post on Facebook to challenge people’s mind to view things in a different way.

I have struggled all night and all day to find the words to say. On yesterday we confirmed that the 22 year old young man in Garland who was killed in the car crash fleeing the police was my nephew. I have read numerous stories that have done everything possible to demonize him and make him into a monster. The truth is he was a 22 year old kid who was afraid of consequences.

I’m sure you read the police report and of course I can’t convince you that the news is often biased and fake but I will say that he wasn’t anything like that story! I’m livid and I can’t even comprehend much right now. Pray for my family and my nephews legacy. There was so much wrong with the way this went down.

We learned that when the Garland police arrived on the scene even though he had been ejected from the car, they demanded that he turn over, after he was none responsive they forcefully flipped him over and handcuffed him. The witness made eye contact with my nephew and said that she saw his life leave his body. As he lay there dead or dying a fireman arrived on the scene and based on further detail decided that he would kick him to see if he was alive.

Don’t fucking tell me how to feel about racism police and white supremacy because I have real shit popping in my life daily that would make most of you slit your wrists! I fight not only for myself but for the voiceless and disenfranchised people who you don’t include or think about in your “blackingham palace” rants!

I can’t express to you how painful it is to experience a loss of this magnitude but what I will say is that my nephew will not die in vain.


She also included the pictures of him below

Sending our condolences to the young man’s family in their time of need!

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