Teenage Girl Brags About F***ing For iPhone 6 (WOW)

A social media user known as Harriette Danso ( not sure if that’s her real name ) has recently taken some serious backlash from Facebook friends and total strangers.

Wanna know how to go viral on social media? From the looks of it all, you have to do is post some off the wall crap that no one will ever say or maybe that someone else is thinking but afraid to post.

Danso says ” her so-so good she shouldn’t have to f— for free ” but maybe an iPhone 6 will do.

The young girl looks about 16 or 17 but there was no shame in her game when she made the post on Facebook admitting that she f—-ed for an iPhone 6.

The post went viral and ended up getting back to her older brother, who made her delete the post from social media.

She’s not the first to admit to doing something strange for the pricey Apple devices and We’re sure she won’t be the last either.

She’s just one of the brave ones to admit but on social media though. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Check her post below(photo)Baristas, what are your thoughts? Do you blame the parents? 🤔

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Garland Texas Man Killed In Car Crash Fleeing Police & Aunt Expresses Herself “Don’t Tell Me Racism Don’t Exist”

Hilari Styles vents via social media Thursday afternoon about her nephew’s death.

Wednesday her family confirmed that the 22-year-old that was killed in a car crash fleeing authorities was her nephew. Although the media and news are making him out to be the bad guy she delivers a post on Facebook to challenge people’s mind to view things in a different way.

I have struggled all night and all day to find the words to say. On yesterday we confirmed that the 22 year old young man in Garland who was killed in the car crash fleeing the police was my nephew. I have read numerous stories that have done everything possible to demonize him and make him into a monster. The truth is he was a 22 year old kid who was afraid of consequences.

I’m sure you read the police report and of course I can’t convince you that the news is often biased and fake but I will say that he wasn’t anything like that story! I’m livid and I can’t even comprehend much right now. Pray for my family and my nephews legacy. There was so much wrong with the way this went down.

We learned that when the Garland police arrived on the scene even though he had been ejected from the car, they demanded that he turn over, after he was none responsive they forcefully flipped him over and handcuffed him. The witness made eye contact with my nephew and said that she saw his life leave his body. As he lay there dead or dying a fireman arrived on the scene and based on further detail decided that he would kick him to see if he was alive.

Don’t fucking tell me how to feel about racism police and white supremacy because I have real shit popping in my life daily that would make most of you slit your wrists! I fight not only for myself but for the voiceless and disenfranchised people who you don’t include or think about in your “blackingham palace” rants!

I can’t express to you how painful it is to experience a loss of this magnitude but what I will say is that my nephew will not die in vain.


She also included the pictures of him below

Sending our condolences to the young man’s family in their time of need!

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Wow – Massage Envy Spa Allegedly Has 180 Sexual Assault Cases

Uh oh! Looks like the largest massage chain has some of the biggest lawsuits on their hands.

A plethora of woman have accused Massage Envy of sexual assault and not following up with their claims, according to BuzzFeed News.

The site recently reported that over 180 women have filed police reports and lawsuits against the franchise.

According to the victims, their massage therapists groped them and other forms of sexual abuse.

Massage Envy claims in court documents that it is not liable for sexual assaults at its franchised spas.

In a statement to ABC News, Massage Envy said that each incident was “heartbreaking” for them.

The company so released a statement to the Washington Post in regards to the alleged claims.

“Each of these incidents are heartbreaking for us and for the franchisees that operate Massage Envy locations. With over 15 years and 125 million massages, even one incident is too many,” Massage Envy said in a statement.

“That’s why we will never stop reinforcing to our franchisees the importance of a safe environment,” the statement continued. “It’s why we are constantly listening, learning and looking at how we can do more, including how we support franchised locations with best practices in handling these incidents and supporting their clients.”

One of the victims, Susan Ingram, told a local news station about her terrifying experience.

Ingram is currently fighting for change by advocating for a bill that would require owners and employees of massage spas to report alleged claims to the police. A version of the bill is currently in front of Congress, if passes violators could be sentenced to prison for up to 6 months.

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