Zodiac Guru: Your Biggest Fears According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what keeps every sign up at night or have you ever wondered why you feared something so much?

Some signs fear change, some signs fear commitment but what does your sign fear?

Hear some of the things that each sign fears more than anything…




  • Being forgotten/Going unnoticed 
  • Any physical or medical pain 
  • Having their freedom taken
  • separation/detachment 
  • Hot things/something burning them


  • Major or Unexpected Change 
  •  Loving someone more than they are being loved
  • Being trapped financially
  • Being pushed out of their comfort zone 
  • Spiders


  • Loss of their freedom 
  • Life decisions and choosing the wrong thing
  • Being alone
  • Having a routine life
  • Jumpscares 


  • Rejection 
  • Letting go of the past 
  • Reliving past hurt 
  • Feeling unloved 
  • Being forgotten 


  • Losing those close to them 
  • Public humiliation/Being made fun of  
  • Being ignored/Disloyalty  
  • Not being valued/appreciated
  • Not being financially independent
  • Death


  • Disorder
  • Not being useful
  • Being sick  
  • Failure


  • Denial
  • Letting people down
  • Not being able to be there for their loved ones
  • Creating disharmony 
  • Being completely out of balance with life, love, and relationships


  • Trust/Betrayal
  • Their insecurities or shortcomings being revealed 
  • Being unaware of something that could hurt them in the long run
  • Being Abandoned 


  • Commitment because they love freedom
  • Being controlled  
  • Being vulnerable 
  • Being hurt due to their forgiving nature 


  • Emotion
  • Not being good enough 
  • Failure
  • Being misunderstood 


  • Being attached or being locked down 
  • Noise
  • Being replaced or rejection
  • Giving too much of themselves and losing who they are in the process
  • Not having the freedom of being who they are as an individual 


  • Rejection 
  • Imagining living life alone
  • Facing a harsh reality 
  • Never finding love 
  • Watching those that they love suffer in any way


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Zodiac Guru: Questions Each Sign Should Answer


Aries – How easy is it so easy for you to make friends although you don’t like people?

Taurus- Why do you isolate yourself but expect to find someone that understands you?

Gemini- Will you ever stop searching for an adventure and playing games?

Cancer- Why are you so hard on yourself and overly emotional?

Leo- How do you remain so positive even in the most unfortunate situations? How do you remain so loyal even after being played with numerous of times?

Virgo- Why are you so quiet? Why when you get in relationships you play games and question everything?

Libra- Why is your symbol a balance scale but you need to find someone who balances you out in relationships?

Scorpio- Why are you infatuated with power? 

Sagittarius- Why are you afraid of commitment?

Capricorn- Do you ever think about anything else outside of just working and being a hard worker?

Aquarius- Why are you so emotionally detached? Why does it take a mastermind to figure you out?

Pisces- How do you fool others into thinking they know so much about you but they only know a portion? Also, why do you lie so much?

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Zodiac Guru- Things These Signs Lie About But You’ll Never Know 

 Aries- “I’m calm and I don’t get mad”

Taurus- “I’m not jealous”

Gemini- “I don’t judge”

Cancer- “I am fine”

Leo- “I am over it”

Virgo- “I’m not stressed”

Libra- “I’m not lying”

Scorpio- “I’m not obsessed”

Sagittarius- “I don’t care”

Capricorn- “I don’t need help”

Aquarius- “I’m not insecure”

Pisces- “I’m better off alone”

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