Uh oh! Looks Like Cardi B Is Considering Kicking Offset, Off The Set!

Looks like Cardi B and Offset are about to be over.

Just to catch the fans up on everything.

Offset’s iCloud was recently hacked and a video of him filming himself with another woman surfaced the Internet.

Well, at this present time it doesn’t look like the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper, Cardi B is taking the heat too well and you know what they say, “pressure busts pipes”. And it looks like these pipes are dusted and rusted honey!

Cardi went on a rant via Twitter early Monday and hinted that she’s considering dumping Offset. So, I guess that means they aren’t going to “sell that porn”. 🤔

According to Cardi it’s a BIG decision that she has to make and she doesn’t want her fans to pressure her into making it.

Cardi might not be Waiting to exhale but it looks like she’s had enough.

Picture of Tweet Below

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Cardi B Admitted To Being In The Adult Industry But Was She On Backpage?

Bodak Yellow Rapper, Cardi B is always the one to keep it real with her fans but has she really kept it all the way real?

We all know that she doesn’t dance anymore because she’s making money moves but according to an unknown source Cardi B was also making backpage moves as well and we have the pictures.

Now someone recently leaked the pictures on social media claiming that they were Cardi’s “backpage” pictures and making allegations that the rapper used to go by the name “Martell”.

As we all know people don’t minding catfishing and that could of been the case but the pictures are clearly Cardi B and they look very recent.

See The Images Below

Baristas, what do y’all think? 🤔

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Cardi B Pops Off On Security Guard Live Onstage [VIDEO]

Here lately we’ve been seeing Cardi B pop off live onstage well in this incident she’s going off on a member of her team (Security Guard) for looking out for her.

Watch the video below


Later on, she clears up what happened via Instagram(photo below)

When trying to explain and clear things up a few fans pop off in the comments and she claps back (pictured below).



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