Engaged Ex-NFL Player Smashing Claw Star Karrueche Tran?

We just got word that Ex-NFL Star, Victor Cruz is catching major plays off the field!

Victor Cruz is known for having over 200 side chicks. Back in 2015 Cruz and his child’s mother, Elaina Watley split temporarily after she sent a mass text to 200 of his side chicks. After Cruz apologized publicly the couple reunited.

Well, it looks like he’s still making plays and playing the field because even though he’s engaged to his baby mama, he’s currently smashing Chris Brown’s ex, Karrueche Tran.

On Friday, the rumored couple was spotted holding hands in Hollywood on their way to lunch with a friend.

The pair is said to have been quietly dating for a month but nothing exclusive.

Karrueche or Victor have yet to comment publicly on their relationship status. Karrueche was most recently linked to Migos rapper, Quavo while Victor was reportedly engaged to his baby mama, Elaina Watley.

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Karrueche Tran – Opens Up About Her Sexuality & Her Dating Women

– If I found the right woman I’d do it again!

You probably remember Karrueche Tran from having a high profile relationship with the singer, Chris Brown or maybe not.

Tran says she open to finding love but it’s not her main priority at the moment.

In a recent interview, Karrueche opened up about her sexuality and revealed that she’s dated women before. The 29-year old says,

“I thought about dating a girl again, but then it is like it is something about a man. I prefer to date men. I dated a girl or maybe two girls but nothing serious”

Tran was also asked if she would ever be in a serious relationship with a woman her response was,

Maybe if I found the right girl … the thing is with women, women we understand each other, we are more sensitive and I can be very sensitive and affectionate but then women do not have that male quality.

She also expressed if she viewed herself as bisexual… she says,

I do not know. I am just having fun, experimenting. I think everyone is sexy, everyone is fine, and everyone is beautiful. But I am going to be with a man for sure I think.

Well, That’s Teaaaaaaa! Looks like LGBTQ you might have a chance with Karrueche or maybe not… it’s worth the shot!

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