ios 11 Update is Finally OUT!


If you haven’t already done so iPhone users rush to settings and select software update and enjoy the new update for iPhone’s “IOS 11” which was released Tuesday for all iPhone users to test and get used to before purchasing the newly released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Is the NEW update for iPhone’s worth getting? I think that is an underestimate honestly because if we are being technical I absolutely LOVE it! I think the iOS 11 update is very smooth and it’s getting everyone prepared for the newer iPhones. The software update is only available for recent models of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So if you have an iPhone 5S or newer, then you’re good to go.

Changes that have been made with iOS 11 ( The APP Store ] it looks cleaner and really smooth and they’ve added more apps to the app store so when you get a chance to do like me and just search for random apps. At times I feel like a kid in a candy store with the iPhone App store!

Siri is what you would consider more natural. She’s been programmed to answer questions in a more human form. She’s taken up on a few acting lessons and she’s got it down pat! Through “on-device learning,” Siri can also suggest items that may be of interest to you. So, if you constantly visit a website she can suggest something similar to the site you would normally visit.

Peer to Peer Payments is a feature that Apple has added that allows you to send money to other iPhone users with iMessage which is good news but the bad news is that the feature isn’t available yet so you might have to wait a little while (This Fall]. How the feature works: Tap the button in iMessages to pull up the prompt for Apple Pay as you would any other app in iMessage. This will allow you to request or send money (similar to Veemo and Square cash app) without leaving the app. Validate the request/purchase with TouchID OR FaceID for security reasons.

Once received the money will be stored on a virtual card and used with Apple Pay, which Apple expects will be accepted in 50% of the US retailers by NEXT YEAR or you can just do like other apps and transfer it to your bank account (which most people prefer).

Improved Navigation features – Apple users were complaining about the inconsistency of Apple’s GPS and it not working properly so they have worked hard to improve their navigation system with the new update. I mean honestly who wants to get lost with the things that are going on in this world! Apple Maps is adding floor plans of malls and airports, making it easier to figure out where your favorite stores are or what restaurants are near you while at the airport. The updates also are extended into the car. Improved navigation features can also suggest lanes when you’re driving, which I think is amazing, so there’s no more last-minute lane switching in order to make your turn. Apple is really spoiling its users with this one! 

That’s just a few of the features with the new update I suggest if you’re a user that enjoys exciting updates with your phone to head over to settings and click software update so you can have access to the new ios 11 updates.