Kevin Gates Has Been Released From Prison After 9 Months

It’s a great time to be a Kevin Gates fan!

Kevin Gates walked out of prison Wednesday morning a free man with no surprise warrants this time around.

Gates was released as scheduled after serving 9 months of a 30-month sentence at the Illinois State Prison.

According to local reports, Gates was released on parole and he will be under mandatory supervision and can’t have any firearms in his possession.

Looks like there’s no more yelling Free Gates because Gates is FREE!!!!

Hmm… wonder what music will he drop today if any. I’m sure him and Dreka Gates got some making up to do lol.

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Man shoots woman in vagina during exotic sexcapade! 

Oh my! David Jeffers of the U.K, dangerous sex game takes a turn for the worst! Never really heard of someone getting kinky with an antique gun but apparently, David had other ideas with his sex partner. 

While ten years doesn’t seem like a long enough time for such a treacherous crime since Jeffers pleaded guilty to the crime he committed he received a lesser time.   

The 46-year-old victim, whose name remains unknown due to legal reasons, life has changed drastically in a short amount of time due to the gun shot wound that caused injuries to her bladder and female organs. In such an unheard of exotic fantasy, Angels covered female victim although she has suffered such major injuries she has survived.     

On January 30th, David Jeffers, 47 left the female victim for dead after he fled the crime scene in such panic. It’s safe to say don’t try this anywhere even if you’re a professional! 

We are happy to report the female victim being in stable condition! Do you feel as if Jeffers should have received more time? What’s your opinion on this situation?

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