Dallas Texas – The Body Of A Missing Woman Found In Dallas Home Has Been Identified

According to reports, a body was found Tuesday evening in a Dallas home on the 3900 block of Castle Hills Drive.

The woman was reported missing on January 1, by her wife Kionna Dennis Butler but she told authorities she hadn’t seen her since Christmas Day.

The mother of two who has been identified as Jacqueline Hughes.

The home where Hughes body was found is currently undergoing investigation.

According to local reports, there was a shooting earlier last week at the same residence and authorities are investigating now to see if there is any connection between the shooting and Hughes death.

Update: During the search, officers found the body of a deceased female (as we reported up above) who they’ve identified as Jacqueline Hughes. Investigators say she died as a result of a homicidal violence.

We will keep you updated with any information as the story develops.

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7-Year-Old Fatally Shot In Greenville Texas

According to reports, police are investigating the shooting death of a 7-year-old that was taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon.

Authorities say they were called to a home in the 4200 block of Pickett Street about a neighborhood disturbance around 5 p.m. but not much was stated.

While officials were investigating the disturbance, a 7-year-old was taken to Hunt Regional Medical Center ER with a gunshot wound, where he later died. Police have not released information on who dropped the child off.

Greenville Police Department has not released information about any possible suspects. The investigation is ongoing.


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Dallas Texas- Man Dies after DART Bus Runs Over Him In East Dallas

Around midnight Tuesday, a pedestrian was struck by a DART bus driver and killed near Samuell Boulevard and Hunnicut Road, officials say.

The bus driver heard something in the midst of turning at an intersection according to reports. The driver immediately stopped and found an injured man underneath the bus.

Jonathan Dominguez, 32,  was taken to Baylor Medical Center, where he later died around 1 a.m. Wednesday.

No one else was injured.

Since the incident the driver has been placed on administrative leave while DART investigates, authorities reported.

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